Blind Rivets

封闭型抽芯铆钉 | 组合型抽芯铆钉 | 拉花型抽芯铆钉 | Open core rivets | closed core rivets | combined core rivets | drawing core rivets |

Structural blind rivet

鼓型抽芯铆钉 | 海马抽芯铆钉 | BOM铆钉 | 灯笼型抽芯铆钉 | 密封塞/堵孔铆钉 | 锁芯抽芯铆钉 | 刺穿式抽芯铆钉 | Brushed core rivets | Drum core rivets | Hippocampal core rivets | BOM rivets | Lantern core rivets | Sealing plugs / plug holes rivets

Ring groove rivet

非断槽环槽铆钉 | Grooved rivets | Grooved rivets |

Quick rivet

Avsert®插柱式快速铆钉 | Avtronic®连接器快速铆钉 | Briv®追扣式快速铆钉 | Chobert®苏拔型快速铆钉 | Grovit®高域型快速铆钉 | NeoSpeed®花键式快速铆钉 | Rivscrew®六角铆螺丝 | Avlug® terminal quick rivets | Avsert® plug-in quick rivets | Avtronic® connector quick rivets | Briv® snap-in quick rivets | Chobert® quick pull rivets | Grovit® high domain quick rivets | NeoSpeed® spline Quick Rivets | Rivscrew® Hex Rivets |

Self-piercing rivet

Rivet nut

封闭型铆螺母 | 铆螺柱 | Open Rivet Nuts | Closed Rivet Nuts | Rivet Studs |

Riveting fasteners

自铆螺母 | 面板螺钉 | 定位支撑柱 | 松不脱螺钉 | 卡式螺母 | 齐平螺母 | 自铆式通孔螺母柱 | 自铆式盲孔螺母柱 | 涨铆螺母 | 自嵌式螺母 | Pressure riveting nut | Self-rivet nut | Panel screw | Positioning support post | Captive screw | Cassette nut | Flush nut | Self-rivet through-hole nut post | Self-rivet blind hole nut post | Riveting nut | Self-embedding Nuts | Antiques on Anticoantico

Non-standard fasteners

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[Automatic riveting equipment] Battery tray robot automatic pulling riveting nut equipment

Battery tray six-axis robot automatic pull riveting nutView details

[Riveting process control] Process control riveting nut tool KTN929-02TC for robot

An online-controlled riveting nut tool for robots, riveting process curve analysis, NG alarm for unqualified riveting, and riveting data can be transmitted and saved instantly. Standard robot communication interface. View details

[Riveting process control] Quality control system for blind rivets RPCS KTN929-01C

The riveting tool that can be controlled online, artificially controls the stroke and pulling force, and analyzes the riveting process curve. The riveting will not be broken or failed again. Riveting data can be transmitted and saved instantly. It is more convenient to communicate with the host computer. View details

[Riveting process control] Pneumatic monitoring riveting nut tool RPCS KTN929-02C

The rivet nut tool that can be controlled online can artificially control the stroke and pull force, and analyze the riveting process curve. Riveting data can be transmitted and saved instantly. It is more convenient to communicate with the host computer. View details

[Riveting process control] RPCS riveting control system

A control system that can monitor the pulling force and stroke of a riveting in real time online. View details

[Riveting process control] HUCK ring groove rivet riveting process control system and tool

It can realize the ring groove rivet, sealing plug (plug) riveting process control and monitoring, can control the breaking force during riveting and record the breaking force and real-time data when the fastener is broken and upload, can be directly connected to the bar code The gun traces the data, timely finds the defective products in the production process and prompts the customer to handle them. View details

[Baltec Baldick radial riveting machine] Baltec | Baltec CNC coordinate riveting machine / riveting station

Baltec | The Baldick CNC coordinate riveting machine / workstation is a modular structure; Module 1: Baldick radial riveting unit, electrical operation, C-type column; Module 2: Baldick coordinate riveting unit, configured with X, Y axial movement; Module 3: The basic model of the Baldick coordinate riveting workstation welding frame, good rigidity, high strength, with rotary indexing table, equipped with X, axial movement; Module 4: Baltic RNC 181 riveting workstation complete automatic riveting workstation; Baltec | Baldik riveting machine can be customized according to customer needs; Models RNC181, RNC231, RNC281 differ only in the installed riveting units RNE181, RNE231, RNE281, the choice of model depends on the required riveting force; view detailed

[Baltec Baldick radial riveting machine] Baltec baldeck smartline riveting machine

Baltec | Baldec smartline series riveting machine Product description: smartline series riveting machine is suitable for standard processing requirements; simplified design brings high cost performance; mature Baldick riveting technology; high quality and high reliability; can maximize revenue: very cost saving This series of riveting machines is a simplified version designed for standard processing requirements, easy to operate and reduce production costs; Excellent riveting quality: mature Baldick radial riveting technology, gentle and effective riveting deformation process, ensuring perfect riveting connection Deformation and long service life of the rivet head; High efficiency and high reliability: The use of high-quality raw materials combined with careful organization of production, coupled with Baldick's global operation, spare parts and on-site service, make the rivetable machine in the best efficient operating state; Multifunctional design: SNE riveting unit, suitable for equipment integration; SN riveting machine, suitable for stand-alone operation; Baldick smartline riveting machine control unit includes the following optional functions: Operation mode setting mode: As long as the input riveting operation signal is input, it can be executed Riveting operation; single cycle mode Riveting operation is performed within the set riveting time; riveting time is adjustable from 0.2 to 5.9 seconds; riveting machine motor operation mode: the motor is always on, the motor is only turned on when performing riveting operation; Baldik can provide suitable for different riveting surface shapes Various rivet heads, such as flat, conical, arc, flanged, flanged or flared. View details

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